Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shameless Mayor Ndizeye K. Willy

Mr Ndizeye gets the (dis)honour of becoming the first Rwandan official to be part of the Rwanda Hall of Shame. In a letter explaining why the Green Party in Rwanda cannot convene, which means the party cannot become a registered party, one of the two reasons given by Mr Ndizeye was:

"As far as the Presence of the Public Notary from Gasabo District is concerned, I regret to inform you that she is on maternity leave."

Ndizeye is not worthy of the title of Mayor. How is it possible that this so-called Mayor cannot understand how unintelligent this excuse is? Really? He really has the audacity to say that one of the two reasons why a political party cannot be registered is because someone who works for the district is on maternity leave? Really? The quality of these RPF games is becoming lower and lower each day. It would really be quite laughable except that people's lives, real people's lives, are at stake here.

The entire letter that earned Mr Ndizeye his place in the Rwanda Hall of Shame is below:

Gasabo District
Done on 10th Feb 2010
Ref.No. 315/07.0102/

To: Mr. Frank Habineza
Re: Your Request for Permission

Dear Sir,

In reference to your letter dated 2nd Feb 2010 in which you requested permission to hold the inaugural congress of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda at CASABONITA-Kimironko on 12th March 2010 and requested the presence of the Public Notary to witness the signing of the official documents.

I would like to draw your attention to our earlier letter written to you, Ref No. 2985/07.0102/2009 of 6th November 2009. In said letter we requested you to give us police clearance indicating that the conflict that occurred during your meeting held at St. Paul on 30th October 2009 had been resolved.

Once again we would like to request you indicate to us how the conflict that occurred at St. Paul was resolved by the police since it is the National Police that intervened and solved the problem. This will give us assurance that the problems that occurred in Nyarugenge District will not happen again in Gasabo District.

As far as the Presence of the Public Notary from Gasabo District is concerned, I regret to inform you that she is on maternity leave.

Wishing you peace and good work,


(Signed and stamped)

Mayor of Gasabo District


- Minister of Local Government
- Mayor of Kigali City Council
- Commissioner General of Police

Editor's Note: Original Kinyarwandan copy of the letter available as a .pdf upon request.

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